When students are taking part in their PE lessons appropriate clothing is expected to be worn – shorts, t-shirt and footwear.

Senior swimming – full costumes are expected for girls.

No underwear is to be worn as an alternative to clothing.

The school is involved with a number of sports – both summer and winter.

In the summer there is cricket and touch and in the winter children can play soccer, rugby, hockey, mini ball  or netball.  Children from the school can also play badminton next door at the Waitomo Sports Stadium.

The school is involved with a number of sports – both summer and winter.

Committing to a team means :

  Participating in all team training unless you are sick and have let someone (preferably the Coach) know.

 Coming to sport with all your gear (for rugby this is boots, socks, shorts that fit, mouth guards, jersey and something warm and dry to put on after the game)

 You have had breakfast (and a snack if you are playing a later game)

 On game day you will meet at the time and place specified by the Coach at training (unless you have let the Coach know otherwise).

Supporting your child’s commitment to a sports team means :

  Ensuring your child has all the gear they need on game day

 Ensuring your child has had breakfast

 Ensuring your child goes to every training (unless they are sick and have let someone know)

 Having a turn to bring the oranges

 If the team is travelling away to play and you are unable to help out with transport, a small koha for the driver would be appreciated.

Music Te Reo Maori Kapa haka

There is a Junior and Senior Kapa haka group run by a male and female tutor.  These groups may perform at school or local events.  Practice is during school times.