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PUKENUI SCHOOL ‘Inspiring Learning for Life’ Vision:

To nurture an enthusiasm for learning in order to contribute effectively in our communities

Reporting to Parents/ Caregivers and Whanau Schools are required to report twice yearly in writing to parents on their children’s progress towards and achievement of the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

In addition to written reports, many schools in New Zealand use some form of conferencing format to share information with parents/caregivers. Our meetings will be in the form of Student Led Learning Conferences.

Student Led Learning Conference
  • Term 2 Dates Tuesday 23 June 4-6pm and Wednesday 24 June 1-5pm 2015.
  • Term 4 Dates- To be confirmed later
What is a Student Led Learning Conference?

A student learning conference is a meeting led by a child for parents and caregivers. It is focused on learning. During a conference the child presents work in a range of curriculum areas, discussing the process of learning and progress made

Why have Student Led Learning Conferences at Pukenui School?

At Pukenui School we believe that learning is enhanced when the learner reflects on their own learning processes. This principle is consistent with effective pedagogy and assessment within in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Research shows that developing student’s ability to talk about their learning and their progress makes a difference:

‘If the focus is to be kept on learning, and the ownership of the learning with the child, then the best person to talk about the learning is the learner’… Absolum, (2006)

‘Self- reporting is the most powerful indicator of student success in learning. Effective reporting systems will be ones where ‘student voice’ is an integral part of the reporting process.’ (Hattie, 2009)

Student Learning Conferences see your child as the owner of their learning. It enables the students and their parents/caregivers to talk about the learning through:

  • celebrating progress made
  • clarifying the ‘what’ and ‘how’
  • reflecting on the journey
  • recognising the student’s role in their own learning

There will be a parents/caregivers guide sent home prior to the conferences to help support you through this process. There will be an appointment sheet going home with your child, to put all family members on the one sheet. If these days and times do not suit you, please make alternatives times with your child’s classroom teacher. These will need to be completed as soon as possible as they will need to be collated school-wide. Then the appointment times will be confirmed.