Pukenui School – Staff

Principal Raewyn JacksonDeputy Principal (Seniors)  Deputy Principal (Juniors) Raewyn Mitchell-Burnard     RTLB  (Resource Teacher Learning Behaviour) Susan Armitage

Room 1 Pat Loft Year 7 & 8
Room 2 Dorothy Year 6 & 7
Room 4 Aroha Carnachan Year 4 & 5
Room 5 Tonja Kemara Year 2
Room 6 Raewyn Mitchell-Burnard Year 1
Room 8 Jo Bentham Year 3 & 4
Te Reo Teacher Lyn Crown
Support Staff  Nadine Turner
 Christine McCormack

Hoana Wano

 RTLB (Resource Teacher Learning Behaviour) Susan Armitage
Special Needs and Reading Recover Pat Alderson
Admin Staff  Vivien Katipa-Maikuku Administration
Caretaker/Cleaner  Al McQuilkin


All children learn through effective teaching

Every child knows what is acceptable and is not acceptable

Teachers and students work together to maintain a secure  and caring environment

A stimulating learning and teaching environment is experienced

The school community works in partnership with our parents and whanau

Students of this school are ALL our children

Time at our school prepares our children for life