Our Mission

Inspiring learning for life.

Our Vision

To nurture an enthusiasm for learning in order to contribute effectively in our communities

Our Unique Character

Parent work in partnership and fully participate in school activities The school’s involvement in the comunity and whanau atmosphere of the school are special qualities of the school Te Wairua Motuahake o Pukenui reflects the unqiue spirit of our school. Pukenui School is building learning power, encouraging leadership and fostering life long learners. Pukenui School provides a wide range of learning experiences which meet the needs and abilities of the pupils The school respondes to the bicultural / multicultural and devirce needs of all students. The board will take all reasonable steps to provide instruction in te reo Maori and tikanga Maori for all students whose parents ask for it.

What We Value At Pukenui School:

Learning as a lifelong experience Striving for individual levels of excellence in all things Respect for ourselves, each other and the environment – the 3 R’s & 3 A’s Working together for the common good so that our community / communities benefit.

Focus on the key competencies of:

Thinking (critically, logically, creatively, questioning and problem solving)

Using language, symbols, and text

Managing self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing (Belonging)


Beliefs and Values 

  • All children learn through effective teaching
  • Every child knows what is acceptable and is not acceptable
  • Teachers and students work together to maintain a secure,environment
  • A stimulating learning and teaching environment is experienced
  • The school community works in partnership with parents and whanau Students of this school are ALL our children
  • Time at our school prepare our children for life. 

 Pukenui School will:

  • recognise and provide for the bicultural, multicultural and diverse backgrounds of our  pupils
  • encourage participation in a wide variety of opportunities /activities for all
  • actively develop self worth and confidence by encouraging effort, talent, initiative and perseverance
  • prepare our students for  ‘learning how  to learn’ / ownership of their learning
  • consult with and maintain a close working relationship with parents and caregivers
  • provide secure, caring, stimulating classroom and school environments
  • actively develop respect for one another across the school community
  • ·Maintain ICT infrastructure within school to meet the current needs of students learning for the future
  • allow students to participate in a globally connected world prepare  actively involved lifelong learners