Room 1 is a composite class of Year 6, 7 & Year 8 students.

Our S.O.L.E values are the core in our understanding of self and others, how our actions impact others, to sharing and expanding our learning across all platforms, to showing respect for our environments.   Te Tiriti breathes and weaves throughout our understanding of who we are today, and how we as the future generation have a shared responsibility in the journey all New Zealander are part of.

Our learning focuses on who we are, where we are from and our place in the wider world.  All learning is directed at student needs and their next steps in their learning journeys.   The ability for all the students to thrive; educationally, and as a child in today's world, is supported by ensuring the overall wellbeing of all the students is met.

Along the way we have fun in Room 1.  Our decisions are robust, and exciting, helping shape us as enthusiastic learners ready for today and our transition into secondary education.Digital Technologies and the implementation of our Google Classroom has provided a change to the way learning is presented; face to face or distantly. These attributes will help the students to thrive in the changing world they are growing up in.Room 1 is a dynamic classroom that sees teaching and learning as a collaborative partnership between the learner, the teacher, the family and the wider community.