Room 8

Nau mai, piki mai, haere mai 

We are the Room 8 whanau at Pukenui school. All our tamariki in 2023 are Year 3. Within Room 8 we strive to develop our SOLE values in everything that we do with the emphasis’s on BEING the SOLE values. We have a focus on developing the understanding that individuals are responsible for their own behaviour. Also gain an awareness that every student’s behaviour impacts on self, others, learning and the environment.

We are learning about who we are and what contributes to that. We are currently developing our skills on Chrome Books. From year three onwards at Pukenui School we utilise chrome books as a learning tool.

We have the expectation that all members of the Room 8 whanau actively participate in their daily learning.

Room 8 are very proud of what we are trying to achieve within our whānau for 2023.