Student Leaders

Pukenui School Leaders

Here at Pukenui School we encourage and provide opportunities for our students to become actively involved as leaders. 

The purpose of being a Pukenui School Leader  is:

·        To develop a sense of unity within and across the school

·        To demonstrate leadership skills

·        To model positive behaviour

·        To encourage all students in all that they do

·        To provide opportunities for your inter-house competitions

·        To assist with all school sports events

·        To organise equipment for sporting events

·        To welcome guest into our school community

·        To provide feedback to the community

Lilly-Rose Oates & Temiriana Tuheke-James

Pukenui School Leaders:

·        Consistently model the SOLE values.

·        Consistently display sportsmanship at all times.

·        Are willing to learn to be an organised person who plans ahead.

·        Are willing to use morning tea or lunchtime to attend meetings.

·        Are willing to contribute to group discussions.

·        Are willing to grow their capacity as a leader.

·        Are willing to engage in co-operative relationships with teachers.

·        Are willing to represent Pukenui School at events outside our school community

·        Are willing to step outside their comfort zone.

They also help organise:

·        Swimming Sports, Athletic Sports, Cross Country , Tabloid Sport, Project Energize Sessions, Mini Olympics, Ki-O-Rahi, Rippa, Touch, Matariki, Fun lunchtime activities, Inter house fun activities, Charity Events:  Daffodil Day, Wig Wednesday , School Oral Presentations