Student Leaders

Legion Bennett-Ford

Deearn Cressy Baggott

Ryleigh Marshall

Mairangiatea Walker

Pukenui School Leaders

Here at Pukenui School we encourage and provide opportunities for our students to become actively involved as leaders. Each year we offer different leadership roles that the students can apply for. Leaders at Pukenui School can be either a Year 7 or Year 8 student.

The purpose of being a Pukenui School Leader is:

· To develop a sense of unity within and across the school

· To demonstrate leadership skills

· To model positive behaviour

· To encourage all students in all that they do

· To provide opportunities for your inter-house competitions

· To assist with all school sports events

· To organise equipment for sporting events

· To welcome guest into our school community

· To provide feedback to the community

Pukenui School Leaders Organise

· Swimming Sports

· Athletic Sports

· Cross Country

· Tabloid Sport

Project Energize Sessions

Mini Olympics





Fun lunchtime activities

Inter house fun activities

Charity Events: Daffodil Day, Wig Wednesday

School Oral Presentations

Pukenui School Leaders:

· Consistently model the SOLE values.

· Consistently display sportsmanship at all times.

· Are willing to learn to be an organised person who plans ahead.

· Are willing to use morning tea or lunchtime to attend meetings.

· Are willing to contribute to group discussions.

· Are willing to grow their capacity as a leader.

· Are willing to engage in co-operative relationships with teachers.

· Are willing to represent Pukenui School at events outside our school community

· Are willing to step outside their comfort zone.