At Pukenui School we care about our tamariki and their image in the community. The way students present themselves conveys a strong message about the students themselves and their Kura.

A School Uniform Aims to:

● Promote equality amongst all tamariki.

● Develop kotahitanga and a sense of pride in and identification with our Kura.

● Identify our tamariki in the community as representing Pukenui School.

● Maintain and enhance the positive image of our Kura in the community.

Considerations for Selecting a School Uniform:

● Unisex: there is no boy’s or girl’s uniform.

● Can be worn all year round; there is no summer or winter uniform.

● Comfortable and practical for our Kura environment.

● Of good quality, that is affordable.

● Fitting & Style.

● Colour code that represents Pukenui School.

The Pukenui School Board of Trustees is committed to supporting all our whānau with the initial cost of purchasing school uniforms for their tamariki.

We accept Eftpos or cash at the School Office.

Pukenui School offers a payment plan. Parents/Caregivers can purchase stationery and uniform items from the office and pay over the year with weekly/fortnightly installments that work for your whānau. There is no cost due up-front.

Installment Payments:

● can be made at the school office OR

● you can set up Automatic Payments by using your bank’s internet banking facilities.

Bottoms & Shoes

Students may wear either long trousers/pants, leggings, shorts, skirts, etc, as long as they are black and tidy. These can be items of clothing which your child already has. There are no specific shoes required.

School Polo Shirt

This tidy polo shirt is our compulsory uniform shirt that is worn by all students, everyday. It aligns with our school colour code and has our logo embroidered in the top left.

School Jackets

The zip-up style looks very smart and compliments our polo shirts. A big advantage is that the zip-up style can simply be left open when it gets warmer. It also aligns with our school colour code and has our logo embroidered in the top left.

Sun Hat

All tamariki are required to wear a school regulation sunhat when outside during Terms 1 & 4. A new school regulation sunhat can be purchased from the School Office at the cost of $11:00. The hats come in three sizes: small, medium, large.

All hats are named and remain at school to avoid being lost, ensuring they are available for use at school everyday.

Sports Shirt

Pukenui School offers a sports top as part of its uniform package. All students are encouraged to purchase a Pukenui sports shirt. These are worn for all:

1. Pukenui School Sporting Events: triathlon, cross country, athletics, inter-school events; swimming, cross country, orienteering, athletics.

2. Waikato Full Primary School Events: swimming, cross country, athletics

3. Team Sports: Junior hockey, football, touch, 7's rugby, rippa rugby, miniball, as a sports warm-up and warm-down shirt.

Our sports top encourages the unity of our teams and helps keep our players motivated to perform with pride for themselves and for our Kura. When you look good, you feel good, when you look your best, you perform at your best.