Pukenui School has 1:1 devices across our senior school environments (Room 1,2,3,4 & 8). There are many reasons why we have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments. We have been on a journey to integrate ICT more seamlessly into our teaching and learning for some time and BYOD is another step in this journey for us. The benefits of 1:1 devices at our kura are:

- Our students are online from birth and this is their world and how they learn.

- We are preparing them for a thriving future as their future employment will involve technology.

- To develop cyber safety and personal protection competency in an authentic context.

- To meet the expectations of the NZ curriculum for connected global citizens.

- ICT helps to develop the key competencies in our students; managing self, participating and contributing, relating to others, thinking and using language symbols and text.

- Using ICT engages, motivates and inspires students.

- It enables us to provide personalised learning in a manageable way.

- It enables collaboration in many ways such as student to teacher or student to student (akonga).

- Allows anywhere/anytime access to learning.

- Enables us to create more learning time by making the most of every learning minute, having planned group work ready and available immediately, reducing time waiting for instructions and time needed for handing out sheets etc.

- Proved to make a difference to the academic outcomes of students.

Our junior classes also don’t miss out on having ICT integrated into their classroom programme, it just looks different in these years. Year 1-3 students (Room 5,6 & 9) will be using a mixture of iPads and Chromebooks during their learning day. They will also be learning a variety of skills to ensure that when they transition to year 4 they are ready for the 1:1 environment they will be moving into.

By allowing families to purchase a chromebook for their child to use during the learning day, greater access to technology will be available to all our students.