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Learning From Home TV

Learning From Home TV

The Ministry of Education has partnered with TVNZ to deliver entertaining educational programming for our tamariki, including teacher-led lessons and featuring Suzy Cato, Karen O’Leary, Jordan Vandermade and Nathan Wallis.


Murray Gadd - Writing Ideas

A series of lessons run by Murray Gadd motivating and giving ideas for writing.



Epic is an online reading program that personalizes reading, is age appropriate and customized to the interests of the reader.

There are endless books, videos and skills to grow and feed each readers curiosity.


This section provides some ideas for how you can raise awareness and share mathematics using everyday experiences and resources found around your home. It includes ideas for supporting your children’s learning in all areas of mathematics: geometry, measurement, statistics, algebra and number.


This website provides math games and activities for students. It goes through a series of questions to select the correct level for your child and then supports them with questions at that given level. It engages students by having a range of questions that are set up in a fun game type model.


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This website provides maths games and activities for students in the primary sector. The resources could be at home to support personalised learning pathways for students.