Every student at Pukenui School is set up on an App called ‘Seesaw’. This App gives students the ability to record their learning in many formats (photo, video, voice etc) and share it with their parents, caregivers and extended family in real time - sometimes even as the learning is occurring. Essentially Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio. Your child/ren’s work is kept private and is only viewed by you and their class/teacher.

We were so impressed with the positive response and enthusiasm after trialing the free version of Seesaw in 2021 that we decided to become part of ‘Seesaw for Schools’ from 2022 onwards. This offers many valuable and extra benefits including:

· Portfolios transfer from year to year creating a comprehensive portfolio of student work. (With the free version you only have access to Seesaw content from that year.)

· Parents/caregivers/extended family only sign up once (for free!) across classes and school years, saving you time and allowing you to see all of your child/ren’s work they’ve added for the duration they’ve been connected.

‘Seesaw for Schools’ comes at a cost ($7 per student per year) which the school has kindly opted to cover due to the significant impact Seesaw has on student learning. If you are not yet connected, a family invite will be on its way home soon letting you know how to join up and make the most of this great App (or speak to your child’s teacher).

For further information, please see the 'Seesaw for Families' Slideshow below or speak to your child’s teacher. Gain regular insights into your child’s classroom learning and celebrate and share their learning journey with them! Get connected with Seesaw!